Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to B-Girl Intermediate with Elixia (Alexandra Urbano)

    • Welcome and Warm Up

  • 2

    Main Trick Breakdowns

    • Trick # 1 - Single Fan Kick to Pole Handstand

    • Trick # 2 - Cast to Genie Handstand Split

    • Trick # 3 - Invert to Descend into B-Girl Stand

  • 3

    Choreo Demo and Breakdown

    • Choreo Demo

    • Choreo Breakdown

  • 4

    Cool Down and Thank You

    • Cool Down

B-Girl Intermediate

  • Workshop Description

    Welcome back BGirls (and boys)! Bringing another power combo of handbalancing and building key movements and poses to stack this second workshop just for you. Elixia brings back a few elements from the first workshop and adds a new spin! Suitable for intermediate-advanced level with a confident handspring.