Beginner Pole Dance Certification Manual

Learn how to teach beginner pole dance safely, effectively and progressively

Learn how to teach pole dance to beginner students in a safe, effective and progressive manner.

This manual includes the following information and more:

  • Anatomy
  • Safety, Liability and Insurance information
  • Complete breakdown of each move including proper technique and how to properly instruct each move
  • Modifications of each move, add‐ons, mini combos, progressions and regressions
  • How to structure you classes (week to week as well as throughout the hour)
  • Other helpful tips for studio owners and instructors to help make the student experience positive and engaging

Course Curriculum

Liability, Instructor Responsibility and Potential Negligence Situations
Anatomy and Physiology

What's included?

54 Texts
3 PDFs
Elisabeth Magalhaes
Elisabeth Magalhaes
CPFA Board Member and Master Trainer

About the instructor

My name is Elisabeth and I am the founder of Muse Fitness. I am the mother of three children ages 27, 21and 13. My passion for fitness and dance began at a very young age. Dancing ballet since the age of 2, I learned the discipline it takes to master a skill early in life. Entering the school of the arts in grade 9, I added Jazz and Modern to my love of dance.

I developed a passion for fitness as I began my schooling at the University of Toronto, teaching fitness classes at various facilities in the GTA, and adding Personal Training to the services I offered. This love for fitness grew as I began managing the group fitness department at a facility in Mississauga and began offering classes for children as well.

I have entered and won fitness competitions, most recently, the Fitness Star competition in April of 2009; winning first in both the Muscular and Athletic Categories, Winning “Best 6 Pack Female” and placing second for Audience Favorite.

Approximately 11 years ago I began pole dancing. I have found this to be not only an amazing workout, but a way to express myself as you are able to approach this art from many different angles. It consists of all of the things I love about being a woman: sensuality, athleticism, strength and passion. I have been teaching pole for over 8 years now and love watching my students achieve things they never thought possible. Using my experience as a personal trainer, fitness instructor and pole dancer, I have also developed the Live Once programming for pole dance and pole fit, with both certification workshops accredited by Can Fit Pro I have also created two instructional pole DVDs for in home Pole Dance instruction, with three new ones on the way! They have been best sellers on many sites and have received rave reviews for content and presentation.

I am also on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association (CPFA) , a judge for the 2012 Canadian Pole Fitness Championships and host and organizer of the 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship and first ever Canadian Pole Fitness convention.  I have also hosted the 2016, 2017 and now 2018 Toronto Pro SuperShow Pole and Aerial Hoop Competition.

Along with these achievements, I have had the honor of helping many of my wonderful clients achieve goals both personally and physically over the last number of years. I look forward to continuing to be a source of inspiration for a healthy lifestyle as well as look forward to finding inspiration in every one of my clients, as we can all learn from each other.

Now, with over 26 years of experience in the fitness industry, over 17 years in the pole fitness industry and years of dance training and a love for helping others achieve things they never thought possible, I have found my passion in this exciting industry.

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This manual is perfect for anyone wanting to study at home to challenge the CPFA exam or who just wants a more in depth technical look at pole dance.

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