Workshop Description

  • Pole Doubles and Acro Balance

    If you’ve ever watched a doubles pole routine and wanted to learn how to combine pole with acro balance this is the workshop for you . In this workshop learn to achieve fantastic shapes and moves both on the ground and up in the air. In this workshop you will learn doubles fun acro floor work poses as well as doubles pole tricks that can be utilized on both spin and static pole. This workshop focuses on guiding you through partner balances, strength holds, and stretches as you learn to work as a partnership on and off the pole. It will guide you with tips on ways to communicate with your partner in staying safe as you learn fun and exciting moves while working together.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to Doubles Pole with Natalie and Nadyne!

    • Welcome
    • Safety Tips
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    Combos and Moves

    • Floor Combo 1
    • Floor Combo 2
    • Pole Move 1
    • Pole Move 2
    • Pole Move 3
    • Pole Combo 1
    • Pole Combo 2
    • Pole Combo 3
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    Thank You

    • Thank You