Workshop Description

  • Russian Exotica Choreography

    Russian Exotica combines floor work & low flow pole with the fluidity of ballet and the boldness of exotic. Learn to master powerful “ low flow technique” and Russian style tricks. In this exotica dance style workshop you will learn the art of Russian Style Exotica while isolating the body and legs in different variations through slow and sensual circular motions helping you to loosen your hips while getting an amazing work out. This workshop focuses on combinations and includes a choreographed piece that You can work on at your own pace . Find your sexy side while having fun doing it .

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Russian Exotica Pole Choreography

    • Welcome
    • Foot Stretches and Strengthening Exercises
    • Warm Up with Heels
  • 2

    Choreography Breakdown and Demo

    • Full Choreography Demo
    • Part 1 Choreography Breakdown
    • Part 2 Choreography Breakdown
    • Part 3 Choreography Breakdown - Reverse Kip
    • Part 3 Choreography Breakdown - Knee Pivot
    • Part 3 Choreography - Full Breakdown
    • Part 4 Choreography - Full Breakdown
    • Part 4 Choreography - Leg Sweep Breakdown
    • Part 5 Choreography - Full Breakdown
  • 3

    Thank you

    • Cool Down
    • Thank you !