Workshop Description

  • Fancy Feet

    Try something a little different! Pole moves and transitions using your feet can add difficulty and style to your practice. Learn the technique behind the exhilarating Flying K spin and other fun and unique transitions that incorporate foot contact with the pole. This workshop is ideal for intermediate to advanced polers: make sure you are super comfortable with the technique behind static spins and have mastered the "cupid" stand.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Fancy Feet with Anna Von Huene

    • Welcome
    • Warm Up
    • Pole Warm Up
  • 2

    Flying K Spin

    • Straddle Spin Intro
    • Reiko Step Up to Two Handed Flying K
    • Spinning the Flying K
  • 3

    Combo - Chinese Stand to Foot Twirl and Cupid or to Hangman/Deadlift

    • Chinese Stand Explanation
    • Foot Twirl to Cupid
    • Foot Twirl to Hangman Deadlift
  • 4

    Thank You

    • Cool Down
    • Thank You