Workshop Description

  • Handstand Foundations

    In this workshop we’ll go over some techniques to help build a strong handstand with the focus on proper alignment and conditioning tips. These are specific movements and drills that I have used personally and taught many others to help them achieve and strengthen their handstands over a period of time. Please take your time with these skills and work through the process of building up to the next level. All of these drills can be complimented by practising handstands against a wall, facing or away, but gaining the strength and body awareness through this program will take you to that next step and beyond. Let’s work through this together and have some fun!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Handstands with Shanyn Pollard

    • Welcome to the world of Handstands!
  • 2

    Warm Up

    • Warm Up
  • 3

    Handstand Prep Drills

    • Runner and Frog Drill
    • Tuck Up Drill
    • Pike Up Drill
    • Warrior Three Drill
  • 4

    Thank You!

    • Cool Down
    • Thank you!