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  • Lap Dance 101

    In this video, Elisabeth Magalhaes of Live Once and Muse Fitness will provide you with clear and detailed instruction on how to perform a sexy lap dance for your significant other. Elisabeth has taught hundreds of women the art of sensual movement and performance for their partners and results of her classes have earned thumbs up from satisfied husbands, boyfriends and partners everywhere. The video will cover important details such as: Choosing your outfit - best choices, what to avoid, common mishaps How to remove clothing in a seductive manner and avoid common mistakes and slip ups Music selection Rules for your dance How to use the walls, chairs, floors and bed as props and aids in your dance Suggested combos using these different pieces of furniture Sexy walks, Hip Sways, Figure Eights, Body Slides How to get up and down in a sexy manner A sample routine using some of the skills taught as well as other options for combining moves A review at the end of each section MORE!

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