Workshop Description

  • Leggy Flow Technique

    Learn smooth leg movements that can be incorporated into low flow and basework. In this workshop, we will cover the ingredients to intricate leg work. Then, you will learn how to apply them through examples and combinations on the floor, in candlestick positions, and on the base of the floor. Knee pads required. Beginner/Intermediate

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome
    • Warm Up
    • Hip and Core Warm Up
  • 2

    On The Floor

    • Knee Circles
    • Side Knee Circles - 2 Variations
    • Straddle Knee Circles
    • Knee Circle Floor Sequence
  • 3

    Knee Circles In Candlestick Position

    • Straddle Knee Circles In Candlestick
    • Figure 8 Knee Circles In Candlestick
    • Half Circles Knee Circles In Candlestick
    • Candlestick Exit
    • Candlestick Sequence
  • 4

    Booty On A Platter

    • Setup
    • Split to Straddle
    • Booty on a Platter Sequence
  • 5

    Leggy Flow with the Pole

    • Candlestick Shouldermount
    • Side-Lie Rotation to Knees
    • Straddle Knee Circles
    • Leggy Flow Sequence with the Pole
  • 6

    Thank You

    • Thank You