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The Beginner Pole Instructor Certification course is accredited by CanFitPro

Safe - Progressive - Comprehensive

  • Safe

    Safety is the number one priority in our courses. We want all of our instructors to feel confident that when they complete our certifications, they can teach their students successfully while keeping them injury free and happy.

  • Progressive

    The CPFA courses focus on helping you teach your students pole in a proper progression. This ensures a safe, successful and fun journey for the students in your care. We offer modifications as well as tips and techniques to help all levels of beginner students feel accomplished.

  • Comprehensive

    Our courses cover everything from scope of practice, insurance and liability, safe progressions, move breakdowns, anatomy, conditioning and so much more! You will find everything you need here to help you become the best beginner pole instructor you can be.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Scope of Practice

    • Pole Fitness/Dance Instructor Screening Guide

    • Pole Fitness/Dance Instructor Code of Ethics

  • 2

    Important Considerations

    • Poles, Flooring and more

    • Safety and Injury Prevention

    • General ParQ

    • Specific ParQ

    • Matting

    • Grip Aids

    • What you should know

  • 3

    Liability, Instructor Responsibility and Potential Negligence Situations

    • Potential Negligence

    • Waivers and Exclusions of Liability

    • Sample Waiver and Release of Liability Form

    • What you should know

  • 4

    Class Structure - 6 Week Sessions, Warm Ups, Class Plans

    • Class Structure

    • Sample Six Week Sessions ( 3 Levels )

    • Sample Warm Up

    • Conditioning

    • Conditioning Exercises

    • Sample Class Plan

    • Cool Down and Stretching

    • What you should know

  • 5

    Leadership and Instruction Skills

    • Six Helpful Skills

    • Participant Satisfaction Questionnaire

    • Dealing with Difficulties in Class

    • The Importance of Proper Cueing

    • Special Populations

    • What you should know

  • 6

    Anatomy and Physiology

    • Basic Anatomy and Function

    • Musculature

    • The Importance of the Rotator Cuff in Pole and Aerial Arts

    • Common Rotator Cuff Injuries

    • Exercises to Strengthen the Rotator Cuff

    • Other Common Injuries

    • What you should know

  • 7

    Pole Moves

    • Cross Ankle Spin or Fireman Spin

    • Basic Spin

    • Front Hook Spin

    • Reverse Hook

    • Chair Spin

    • Ballerina Spin

    • Front Hook Swing

    • Heel Attitude Spin

    • Diamond Spin

    • Cradle or Tuck Spin

    • Spin up On Pole

    • Reverse Attitude

    • Reverse Grab

    • Power Spiral

    • Side Spin

  • 8

    Tricks and Transitions

    • Half Spin

    • 360 or Pirouette Spin

    • Standing Chair Spin or Dip Spin

    • Fan Kick

    • Climb

    • Beginner Shoulder Mount

    • Seat

    • B Hook or Stargazer

    • Helicopter

    • Basic Invert

    • Recording of Spotting Demo - Helicopter

    • Recording of Spotting Demo - Basic Inversion

  • 9

    Beginner Level Combos

    • Early Transition Combos

    • Early Spin Combos

    • Intermediate Beginner Level Transitions

    • Intermediate Beginner Level Spin Combos

    • Advanced Beginner Level Spin and Transition Combos

    • Helicopter to Invert and Slide

    • Low Hand Spin to Cradle

    • Dip to Reverse Hook

    • Power Spiral to Power Reverse Hook

    • 360 Spin to Side Spin to Spin Up

    • Fan Kick to Dip and Slide to Hook Spin Up

    • Reverse Grab to Reverse Power Hook to Fan Out

    • Spinning Climb to B Hook to Seat to Spin and Drop Split

    • Diamond to Reverse Attitude to Reverse Hook

    • Diamond to Heel Attitude to Cross Ankle

    • Dip to Reverse Attitude to Chair

    • Chair to Front Hook Swing

  • 10

    Certification Completion Information and Conclusion

  • 11

    PDF manual

    • Download copy of manual for future reference

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Begin your pole instructor journey today!

You have one year from the course registration date to submit all of your requirements. Why not start today? Visit our FAQ section for some commonly asked questions.


  • What are the requirements to become certified?

    1) current CPR 2) pass with 80% or higher on the practical exam - $75 fee 3) pass with 80% of higher on the online written exam - first two attempts free, $25 if need more trys 4) 20 hours teaching experience (pole only) 5)fitness theory or equivalent (this could be yoga instructor, pilates, group fitness, personal trainer, kinesioloist, physed teacher, nurse etc)

  • If I do not pass the practical, can I resubmit?

    If you did not pass with a 70% - 79%, there is no fee to resubmit your practical. If you did not pass with lower than 70%, there is a $60 re-evaluation fee.

  • Can we get a refund for any courses or workshops?

    No , there are no refunds for workshops or certification courses.

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Very Thorough

Very Thorough

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great online course

paula ryan

the content was to the point but well explained. the video components were a great added detail to solidify descriptions. being outside of area, to be able t...

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the content was to the point but well explained. the video components were a great added detail to solidify descriptions. being outside of area, to be able to attend a face to face course this online training was fantastic. to be able to be a part of the CPFA feels amazing!

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