Workshop Description

  • Acro/Partner Yoga Workshop

    This workshop is designed to explain and practice the basic elements of AcroYoga. It is a combination of yoga and acrobatics and is practiced with a partner. Participants will be guided through proper alignment, safety and communication with their partners. Each partner pose will then be demonstrated by Shanyn and Kent broken down step by step. Participants will have the opportunity to try some inversion poses if the feel comfortable. The workshop will conclude with partner stretching. No prerequisites are required for this workshop. A yoga mat and comfortable area to move around in is the only equipment needed. A third person acting as a spotter is strongly recommended.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Partner Acro with Shanyn Pollard and Kent Doering

    • Welcome !
    • General Warm Up
    • Partner Warm Up
  • 2

    Partner Acro Skills

    • Half Bow and Full Bow
    • Flow
    • Back Plank, Bow and Boat
    • High Flying Whale
    • Titanic and Knee Stand
    • Shin Stand - Bird / Shin Stand
    • Straddle Throne
    • Reverse Candlestick
    • Spotting
  • 3

    Thank You

    • Partner Cool Down
    • Thank you!