Workshop Description

  • Pole Silks Level 1 Beginner

    Learn to dance in the air while spinning around the pole with the silks as your partner. In this tutorial, you will spin, float and invert while creating shapes in the air and low to the ground. Tricks will be broken down and then put into a fun sequence for you to try with your favorite song. This is a beginner level class and skills will be performed in a silks knot. No pole or pole silks experience is required.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Beginner Pole Silks 1 with Sylvia Louis

    • Welcome
    • Warm Up
  • 2

    Pole Silk Foundations

    • How to Tie a Knot
    • Threading Your Arms
    • Layout and Releve
    • Spinning Tuck, Pike and Layout
    • Circle Spin and Pirouette
    • Combo 1
    • Static Layout with Leg Variations
    • Spin Layout with Leg Variations
    • Combo 2
    • Combo 3
    • Choreography
  • 3

    Thank You

    • Thank you !