• Workshop Description

    Dance in the air while spinning around the pole with the silks as your partner. In this tutorial, you will fly and invert both in the air and low to the ground. You will learn various tricks that can be put into sequences or a routine. This is a beginner level class, but you should have completed a few pole classes or my Level 1 tutorial prior to trying this one. A knot in the silks is not used during this workshop.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Pole Silks 2

    • Welcome

    • Warm Up

  • 2

    Skills and Combos

    • How to Wrist Wrap

    • Low Static Layout

    • Low Spin Combo

    • Low Spin Variation

    • Static Layout

    • Spinning Layout

    • Spinning Layout Variation

    • Outside Wrist Wrap and Spin

    • Outside Wrist Wrap to Floor

    • Putting It All Together

  • 3

    Thank You!

    • Thank you