Safe, Comprehensive and Effective Teaching Skills

  • Safety is First

    Learn tried and true techniques for breaking down intermediate level inversions for your students that will not only help them understand the proper positioning and points of contact, but keep them safe and injury free.

  • Teacher Tips

    Each lesson is taught and explained in a comprehensive manner with clear instruction. Important teaching tips are provided that will help you trouble shoot with clients that are having difficulty.

  • Spotting

    For each lesson that includes moves that require instructor spotting there is a demo at the end of the instructional section. This ensures you will understand how to safely assist your students physically through each of the movements in this course.

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Keep your students safe and successful!

Getting certified demonstrates that you care about your students wellbeing and safety. Taking time to educate yourself on proper teaching skills, spotting techniques and best practice will provide a better relationship with your students.

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